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citizen military watches

  • The armed forces of a country

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  • Citizen is the debut full-length album by Army of Me. Its first single is "Going Through Changes". The song "Better Run" is featured in ABC Family's Kyle XY in the episode "Primary Colors" originally aired on February 25, 2008.

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North korean soldiers at DMZ, North Korea, Polaroids

North korean soldiers at DMZ, North Korea, Polaroids

I'm sure the best way to make reunification with South Korea and peace with the rest of the world is to give Polaroids to the NK soldiers! It changes their moods, and they even smile!

We had the chance to interview the Colonel on the picture. He takes care of the wall section in North Korea. South Korea has built a wall all along the border, on its territory, and North Korean do not appreciate it!

The colonel=
You have travelled a long way to reach the security check point, and I’m very happy
to see you here. I’d like to welcome you on behalf of all our soldiers.
We are now in the military zone and here you can see the great weapon protected
wall that shows the division between a country and its people.
As you know, Korea, land of the bright morning, has a long history of five dynasties
with a brilliant culture. But due to the power of the conflicts with the Americans, the
United States, more than half a century later we are still suffering the tragedy of the
nation’s separation.
The tragedy of the separation of a country and a nation causes much suffering to our
people, which is unheard of in other parts of the world.
The militarized wall is a symbol of the separation of our nation, let me explain (he
turns to the map behind him)
Here, is the militarized wall which separates our country in two, now here we have
displayed the wall from west to east.
The Korean government started building this huge wall in august 1976, and finished it
in October 1979.
According to American statements, it’s the South Korean president at the time who
initiated the construction of the wall
Let me explain the dimensions of the wall, we can say that this wall is a large artificial
wall, which separates perfectly our territory from the east to the west, over 240
kilometers in total. It’s height is between 5 and 8 meters, and it’s width at the base is
between 10 and 19 meters, and it’s width at the top is between 3 and 7 meters.
As you can see here, if you look at it from the South Korean side, it’s slightly inclined,
but from the North Korean side it’s vertical.
At the North Korean line starts the demilitarized zone, and if you go forward for two
kilometers from this point, you reach the central demarcation line, and if you go
forward two kilometers more to the south, thus 4 kilometers in total, there’s where
they built the wall.
The wall is 240 kilometers long, so what does this mean in terms of the amount
of men mobilized, on the south and north sides? It’s 240 km long, that’s huge.
So there are men posted all along, so what are the estimates of the north
Korean and American soldiers?
Every 5 or 7 meters you can find a military post, so it’s easy, you just have to work it
out… (between 35 and 48000 men). They have barricaded the whole territory, even
the mountains, the rivers, the forests, everything…
can you explain to us in simple terms how many men make up the army, in
north korea? How many north Korean soldiers are there at the moment?
We can’t really know exactly…
But in North Korea, in total, it is said that there are two million soldiers, is that
not what is said?
We can’t really know exactly…
In France, we do not have a mandatory military service, in North Korea how
does it work?
In our country, we say that national defense is the supreme right of each citizen, our
young people, almost all our young people, do not consider it to be mandatory, but
like a right to volunteer. With the country being divided, and the considerable might of
the enemy, our young people are always considering doing their military service.
Do these young people consider that South Korea and North Korea form a
single country?
Yes, of course, because it’s the same nation, they have the same culture.
When the tourists come here, do they then understand the situation a little
better, according to the colonel?
By seeing the wall for themselves, all the tourists understand exactly what the
situation is. A lot of foreign tourists, including French tourists, have visited the wall,
and have had an exact understanding.
We know that the United states are clearly the identified enemy, and who are
the other enemies and true friends of North Korea today?
For a long time, the US have been our sworn enemies, the Americans are
responsible for all the pain and suffering of our nation, and the Japanese are also our
enemies, they are against the reunification of our country, and finally, some south
Koreans are going to prolong the division of the nation.
And the real friends of North Korea?
We consider as our friends, all the progressive states of the world, who raise their
voices against the division of our nation, who reduce the entry of american troops
into south korea, including the international intervention by France as well.
So France is a friend, or a foe?
(laughs) During the Korean wall, the French government was mobilized into the
affray by the Americans, due to the UN security resolution, but we sti

The human rights atrocities and cover-up of what took place in the poor community of Tivoli Gardens by the Jamaican security forces where 70+ (official number) civilians were killed. Many met their death by police extrajudicial executions according to the residents of the community. The government has begun a campaign of cover-up and propaganda to hide the facts of what really took place.

This poster is a salute to Paul Bogle a freedom fighter who gave his life in the pursuit of social Justice and Freedom for his fellow Jamaicans from colonial oppression. Today we see the government of Jamaica denying Jamaican citizens their rights, by denying them justice and freedom of movement. They imposed a state of emergency on the poorest residents of West Kingston, suspending their constitutional rights and freedoms while the wealthiest and upper-class Jamaicans continue to enjoy their freedom uninterrupted. All concerned Jamaicans must demand that the people of Tivoli Gardens are given the opportunity to have justice and their human rights respected and restored. All concerned Jamaicans must call for a credible and transparent investigation into what actually took place in Tivoli and other areas under the police-military operations. The voice of the residents must be heard and documented. The perpetrators of the killings must be brought to justice.

Who is Paul Bogle?

Paul Bogle, a Baptist Deacon, is remembered for his role in the Morant Bay rebellion. His date of birth has been estimated between 1815 an 1822. He lived in Stony Gut in St. Thomas, Jamaica, just north of Morant Bay. Whilst many people in the area were small farmers and labourers, he was successful, well educated and owned about 500 acres of land. He was also eligible to vote at a time when there were only 104 voters in the parish of St. Thomas, due in part to the large voting fee, in order to participate.

He became a supporter of landowner, politician and fellow Baptist George William Gordon. In 1864, Gordon made Bogle a deacon in the Baptist church. As social injustices and people's grievances grew, Bogle led a group of small farmers 45 miles to discuss their grievances with Governor Eyre in Spanish Town, but they were denied an audience. This left the people of Stony Gut with a lack of confidence, and distrust for the Government, and Bogle’s supporters grew in number.

The beginnings of the Morant Bay Rebellion first started on October 7th, 1865 when Bogle and his supporters, attended a trial of two men from Stony Gut. A black man was put on trial and imprisoned for trespassing on a long-abandoned plantation. One member of Bogle’s group protested in the court, over the unjust arrest and was immediately arrested, angering the crowd further. He was rescued moments later, when Bogle and his men took to the market square, and retaliated. The police were severely beaten and forced to retreat that day.

On Monday, the 9th, warrants were issued against Bogle and a number of others for riot and assault. The police arrived in Stony Gut to arrest Bogle but met with stiff resistance from the residents. They fought the police, again forcing them to retreat to Morant Bay.

Two days later (October 11th 1865) a vestry meeting was held in the Court House. Armed with sticks and machetes, Bogle and his followers went to the Court House. The authorities were shaken, and a few people in the crowd threw stones at the volunteer militia who fired into the crowd killing seven people. The crowd retaliated, and set fire to the Court House and nearby buildings. When the officials tried to leave the burning building they were killed by the irate crowd outside.

The reprisals came quickly, the troops destroyed Stony Gut, and Paul Bogle's chapel. Bogle was captured by the Maroon militia, and taken to Morant Bay where he was put on trial and hung at the burnt-out courthouse. Gordon was taken by boat to Morant Bay where he was tried for conspiracy and hung on October 23. In total more than 400 Black residents were killed and many more flogged.

Back in Britain there was public outcry, as well as increased opposition from liberals against Eyre's handling of the situation. By the end of 1865 the 'Governor Eyre Case' had become the subject of national debate. In January 1866, a Royal Commission was sent to investigate the events. Governor Eyre was suspended, recalled to England and eventually dismissed. Jamaica became a Crown Colony, governed directly from England. The ‘Eyre Controversy’ turned into a long and increasingly public concern, dividing well known figures of the day, and possibly contributing to the fall of the government of Lord John Russell in 1866.

The Morant Bay rebellion turned out to be one of the defining points in Jamaica's struggle for both political and economical enhancement. Bogle’s demonstration ultimately achieved its objectives and paved the way for the new attitudes.

In 1969 the Right Excellent Paul Bogle was named a National Hero along w

citizen military watches

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